May 3, 2014

Being a key roles as human especially in Water Rationing session (Selangor-Lan)

Recently after all the water rationing .. i start thinking of how to play a roles into improving our lovely neighborhood .

Due to water rationing , we are advice to save water or use it wisely .. but how to determine what is wisely  ?
1) Don't wash car even though there are alot of dust or bird shit around - personally i dont think it is wise because if we dont keep our car clean , it will further spread unknown virus to us or someone we love to. 
So we have to make judgement - If it not so dirty or shit around . Let God/Rain wash it ..

2)as when we take bath , try to use shower path if can because it prove to save water compare with using plastic cup / direct water paip.

3)When we are doing small business , it is better we keep a ton of water beside and use water cap to clean it maybe a few drop ..because everything we trigger the watertank . It mean whole tank will use for a single pissss...:) of cause some household have build in 2 trigger for half / full tank button..

4)As when we go back from office , try to use fill up our tupperware with company filter water , it will keep our self ready with water during the traffic jam while on the way go back home and we can also use it for whole night usage w/o using our backup water tank....:) part of company benefit to every staff but bear in mind you are not allow to take the whole watertank back home..(i saw some joker do that and next day he/she got a warming letter from HR)

5)If you sort of have swimming pool , don't wash it if it is not really dirty .I believe you are either rich or damn rich but remember there are people around you who suffer alot and you mighty not know when is your turn..So better be good to everyone.

6)if you saw any water paiping leaking along the way , try to take note the location and make a call to Syabas(In selangor) or whoever responsible . So that they can fix the leakage and we have more water to use during dry session .

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