May 4, 2014

When you saw this ---- Oversea travel > xx% in job advertising . what you should ask

I will like to share my experience during my tenure on my current company which advertise this requirement . Oversea travel > 65%.

Although for alot of youngster it is interest and opportunity for them to fly oversea w/o incurr any of their cost and they can later extent  their own holiday in oversea.

Sorry guy , you might be wrong on this . Please clarify with your interviewer about this.

1) If you need to pay for yourself your own flight ticket ? If yes how long can you claim back as because most company dont cover back the credit card charges /interest before the claim reimbursement.

2)Did you need to pay for your own accommodation , DONT ASSUME  ASK it before it is too late. ?
Yes , my current employer again ask us to pay for the accommodation . Although it might be reasonable but it only reasonable if you travel < 2 week  . Based on the above condition your percentage if > 50% mean within half of the year you might not in your country so assume each assignment fly is 1 month at least..How much expense you need to bear yourself..>Again those credit card bill is belong to you not your company.

3)Did company provide credit card for travel expense ? If they provide can you use it for airline and accommodation booking ?

4)If there are war zone declare during the assignment , will you require to fly there also ?

5)Is there any other allowances ? I encounter 2 different scenerio before .
1st company pay everything including 4/5 star hotel but you dont earn any allowances.
2nd company as you to pay everything and they give you a 10 yr old allowances tables . Be honest the trip to UK/Australia or even Myanmar might not able to cover your daily expense even you got those allowances. .
So it depend where you want to be ?

6) Can i extent my travel after i finish my project ???? It might not happen if your company have a different culture (hardworking culture)....

ps. the hardworking culture did't mean work deliver ontime ..sometime for a big company alot of people will tent to drag their work and purposely do it only through weekend overtime and most of the time weekday is for surfing internet / personal hobby...:)

I will update till this 04/05/2014 .If i encounter more i will update this pages again.
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