May 3, 2014

a fresh mountain working @Genting Highland Chin-Swee Temple

Can’t really stand on the heat and dust in Kuala Lumpur , so I invite my mother together with my family to go up for a re-freshmen session ,

it fact it is first time for both baby girl to visit there although during these year we have being to genting almost <10 time per yr.


First ,we reach Koatong Jaya for a strawberry pick session with both of my kid and mother , again mother have show her usual style of buying and picking around the strawberry farm.

We have a lot of fun


2014-02-16 17.58.232014-02-16 17.26.30


Next stop – Chee Swee Temple …

both baby was very curious and the fresh wind are blowing like going to storm soon , lucky jess got bring enough jacket for both of them , since we did’t bring our camera and lucky as because hardly to find someone to snap picture for my family.

But no fear IPHONE is here…

2014-02-16 18.30.542014-02-16 18.32.092014-02-16 18.27.202014-02-16 18.40.032014-02-16 18.29.07


Family photo time…

2014-02-16 18.45.572014-02-16 18.41.072014-02-16 18.41.58

some site seeing .

2014-02-16 18.27.342014-02-16 18.27.38

my selfie..Smile

2014-02-16 18.33.29

The end…Smile happy journey back home

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