May 27, 2014

My Pudu豆原@Experience

Pudu our normal lunch place as there area offer Pork Belly(Char Siew) , Noddle , Tai Foo . 

My first visit to Pudu豆原 is with jessica , as I advice jessica that I need a break and same goes with her as well .

So I order the healthy milk coffee and jess order another milk coffee as well to claim her down due to overstress.

While jessica was working on her work again , I start to notice the surrounding area  like the Cofe flower cup  and very light coffee smell..)

2014-05-21 12.50.592014-05-21 13.01.502014-05-21 12.55.54


Below are the picture taken again on 23/5/2014 when my collegues farewell with me after ‘Wong Mei Kei Siew Yok’ session with them

This time as Vivian and SiewEng both are Coffee lover , they order more strong coffee . Again thank you all for the lunch and it was glad to be you all.


2014-05-23 14.05.522014-05-23 14.06.02


I just recall now that this coffee shop also have their blog hosted at blogspot too .

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