Feb 7, 2007

My last night in kuantan

Thank god that my wife is getting recover and we have chance to have a dinner together..

by asking around folk around the street for best 'healthy' food around in KL , and here we go Teluk Cempadek (Some of the local folk name it golden beach of Kuantan)..I will left all of you to find it out yourself.

Did't seen alot of people around the beachside maybe because of the strongwind and weekdays.

After a shortdistance walk , we are on the way to 'food' events, as recommend by 1 of the local chinese auty which we found on the way to kuantan. She recommend 'Gatong' restaurant which is opposite of Hyatt Regency Hotel.

We order 3 dishes ..1 curry because of it hard to resisit but god bless my wife did't get sick after that dinner.. and we end our end off for a few chapter of doremon comic before zzz zz.z...
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