Feb 6, 2007

Workshop in HP

It is my first time to join a workshop where company is setting up a workshop for us to colloborate with region lead to further understand and help our customer.

this kind of initiative we nver can find it from any malaysian company. We taking part after a coffee talk with our global director from germany . and depart to Trader Hotel (3 month old ) .

We are being brief and intru ourself to other joinner on this.

3 day workshop although it cross through our holiday(Federal holiday) (30th Jan - > 2 Feb 07) but it really worth for it.. We get to know more abt what customer expectation and find out our chanllenger with them and initiase a corrective action to resolve those 'challenger'.

There is a LRThunt during this workshop and i'm be team up with the top guy which consist of LXT(Xue Tong) , Kay Eng, Philip chai , and me . With help from them we manage to score the higher mark during our picture hunt..and Ltx actually use out his latest gadget to go online to find out for a clue.

Our reward for this is a tea pack (buy from starbuck.) , and i decide to give it to our germany visitor as a gift from us as appreciation for him to come down and meet/talk to us personally.

I really feel proud to stay in this company as i know it really care abt customer and staff .

new people i meet from this workshop , eugene , wolfgang,andy yap, lxt,kay eng, li li , hui boi .Will post in their picture once i get out from kuantan..:)
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