Feb 7, 2007

Why simulation?

just imaging , before you tend to jump into the swimming pool , what is your first step ?? use one of your leg to 'test' out whether is it cold or warm..

Let me phase out some of those 'cute name' -->Sim City , Flight Simulation , Sim Hotel....everthing with Sim Sim sim...

Simulation is a cheaper way for every people to decide whether go or 'not go' for their plan.

Like what we have now ..
http://www.maxis.com , a computer games company who be the pioneer of Simulate the City, Hotel ,Pets, Railroad..

Just wonder whether did goverment really take it serious in building the town/city/capital/country should alway attempt on playing Sim City to get a hand on what it might happen if they do this and there..It really apply programming logic such as "If - then - Else " and forecast in later year what will happen in future ???

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