Jul 30, 2009

Convert Service Desk as Single Contact for organization

The idea actually come from Digg ,where it explore the possiblity of utilise organization existing infra. With a mature capabilities of their service desk , it will have more opporutnity to provide communication and extra workflow to the organization.

Deviation of a standard operation such as logging customer request or incident for a IT point of view. Now it able to extent the scope of the service through out whole organization.

With a proper service desk inplace such as a mature process and automation , it will bring more benefit such as
Reduced Confusion - With a single point of contact for organization , either internal and external party with help from them is able to get a correct information instead of what it is being route and passing through different organization. For example a big organization which having multiple sub-company. through merging and acquisation. It will be a big problem if 1 potential customer call to askfor info and receptionise is not able to provide them the information directly instead of passing from a internal department out to external sub-company and go on and forth.

Improved Communications - Service Desk is equipment with people with skill such as listening ,analyst hence they are able to understand what customer need and address issue into a proper manner the nest business more effective and react to outside world. As what i know there are people in who good in handle their job but don't have proper skill to analyst cusomter requirement.

Minimize interrruptions for back-end people -So that they are able to perform their job effectie and let the customer handle and call response to Service Desk. Instead of 8 hour working they septn 2 hour listen to phone and 1 hour to digest what user need.
Metrics measure on business - With Service Desk handleing all call from in and out , they are able to measure the KPI and process improvement can be done on a single department as well instead of going through inter-company. It also to create income for the department through charge back to respective department.

Timeliness - Help ensure that calls are escalated when not addressed in a timely manner. And also able to reduce frusrtration when call is bounce around
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