Jul 27, 2009

If you don't know , just ask don't guess

Today while i being wonder whether can i upgrade my new desktop , while asking around people how to handle those

Branded Machines such as HP ..

Because it come with Window Vista Basic in a 1GB memory size it just really not enough for me as a power user.

So i call up to Support Center and ask them on how to go about buying a new memory module.

Service Desk- Actually we don't provide upgrade for this model but you can actually put this upgrade by yourself

Mg- But there are a warranty sticker at the back of the casing ,if i buy it and fix it myself will it get void ?

Service Desk - Nope, that warranty sticker is for 1 week 1 to 1 swap in case of hardware failure.

Service Desk - Again , if you want to sent back for repair in case of any failure in future , please put back all orginal part

will do , we will take care of the rest.

Mg- Good..it is what i'm looking for..

Service Desk - Is there any other thing which i can help you on that ?

Mg- No you already answer all my doubt

Service Desk - So Mr Mg here is your customer id , pleasee use it next time to enquire about your product too.

Mg - good.. (A satisfaction sound)

So don't guess , if you don't know please ask.

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