Jul 13, 2009

Online Virus Scanner collection 13/7/2009

Usage of internet is increasing no matter in bad economic or good economic.

Email , Surfing , Photograp, Technology , Transportation , Blogging and etc do need to involve in internet

The more we rely on internet , the most risk we might be intach with , compare with last 10 year ago a new virus is spreading in US and no other part of the world is getting infected.

But nowdays with internet linking people all globally ,1pm we have a trojan spreading in A company in Australia , at 1.01pm there are 10 or even 100 pc getting infected

in Japan , Malaysia , India and so on .

In order to get ourself passively protected.

I found out there are various company helding a online scanning facilities to people around the world


Eset Online Virus Scan

-Registered is required

Before i going to sleep , let try symantec online check , pingo i getting a green result...Of cause my pc is protected


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