May 11, 2007

F1 at midvally 07

Recently drop by at midvalley to meet one of our friend ,and found out that there is an F1 exhi at Midvalley center court.

Although i'm not an F1 Fan..sorry I like sport car but not those type..:)

Alot of my collegue went to F1 during the race , even though all of them are Indian which is Asia country but that day is damn hot. One of my collegue almost fall sick because of that.

Sorry Fan of F1 , i really need to comment it, Why we paid < 100 RM just to sit at the glass/floor without any root and seeing those car crusie on the track ?

For me really not worth it to attend,even if it is an GT race . I personally think that RM 100 should give us something to sit and cover.

I strongly comment malaysia F1 Committen should done someting better to offer so that Malaysia would't loss the chance to singapores.

Singapore have an Kiasu attitude which really make them improve themself to get win.
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