May 1, 2007

Oooop...spyware ...adware...trojan...where is my firewall

Today is really a bad day for my pc after previous refresh installation of Xp(Oct 06).

Forgotten to enable back my Xp firewall and anti-virus end up my pc booted and running very run , i try to enable spyswepper and Kaspersky 6.0 but it is too late.

Try to reboot from safemode , do a deep spyware scan and virus-scan ,tooo late. spotted more then 1k of trojan,spyware .Even successfull clean out all those junk but when bootting in normal mode. everything just go very very ninja turtle slow.

No choice ,better format again the boot partition. Really a bad day to start holiday . Though of going back home rest n watch some movie but end up formating HD.

Lucky i take out the formating time to dig back those 'old date' photos..

At the same time deciding a better firewall or antivurs..lets see which is better..
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