May 16, 2007

What a surprise

Last 2 week attending my so so call cousin wedding(My mum relative) , very coincident i hear someone singing on the stage with christian song .He is one of my M.I.S classmate from Tarcian time..if not mistaken we known each other at year 1991-1993..

Again i saw another very old schoolmate from Chong Hwa secondary school. Again he marry with 2 is his kid and wife photo.

Attending wedding is something happy and guess i manage to saw 2 old friend which is really unexpected. At least this time i did't go back empty hand..but with contact number and name card..:)

Thinking of marry , i'm still counting my days. 4 more month to go but everything just look unprepare. Hopefully it can be as smooth as my cousin wedding
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