Sep 15, 2009

Drug causing more worse then beneft but ...

 Advertisement on drug danger is everywhere in Malaysia but popullation of drug addict nver get reduce..

What is the root cause of why 'they' need it  ?
We see men 'use' it
We see womon 'use' it
We see teenage boy buy it with money from unknown source...
We see advertise on danger of drug overdose.

Awareness is not being done properly in school level such as primary & secondary. It is the same as Smoking as well and popullation
of smoking also increase especially for women , i still remember when i am teenage i nver see women smoking till i going in social to work and realize so many womon in white colar smoke... ....

Is it due to Pressure ? Not enough confidence ? Ignorance ???

I would't rely on gove , school system . I will teach what i know to my kid even i know it is too late sometime to teach someone is beside us.
as long as they stay like this..It is alway a 'NO' to me..

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