Sep 25, 2009

EHR system in Malaysia ?

Just read through from article from DailyTech about Electronic Health Records(EHR).

When health become one of important for Malaysia , and cost of living + medical also zoom sky high , US Governmen feel that EHR will help reduce the cost of medical care by allowing doctors, labs and hospital to shar data faster and easier than they can currently.

A part from a fund set aside to reimburse medical care facilities and doctors for money spent moving to an EHR platform. EHR provider Practise Fusion has announced that its EHR system will be made available free of charge(I wonder in MalaysiaLand will it be possible)..

The service is offering through cloud-based and to attract doctors that currently use paper billing.(Hahha...look like malaysia is not too backward compare to US).

With EHR , time and money is save ,as only 1 update per record rather than individual doctors offices.

With recent launch of Health travel & medical tourism to Malaysia . I believe Malaysia government can do more better then this to attrach patient to come to malaysia for medication instead. We shall look forward to centraliza all malaysian health record into 1 places.

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