Mar 28, 2008

Jiglu -> an intelligent tag for blogger

During google around some technology forum , i found out there is a intelligent platform whichcan automatic tag all my blog and come out with a autotag.

It is call Jiglu. According to it ad
"Jiglu plugs into your site to automatically create intelligent tags and links for your web content. This means that people can dive straight in and read what they want - your most popular blog entries or even stuff buried deep within your site."

It will deep down into whatever related post and act like a feeder so that we can know where are those post located.

What better more is , it support blogger,wordpress and myspace with little twick..:)

I will like to have comment from my visitor whether which is the best tag around so that it is easi for them to locate information from my blog.

Currently i have Cloud tag , Window Tab alike , Jiglu tag.
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