Mar 9, 2008

Malaysia Election -9/3/2008 3:57am

SPR announce BN will be the ruling party in malaysia 12th election.

anyhow there are still perak n selangor state still getting not yet counting those vote ticket.

As last rumous said Perak & Selangor fortress of UMNO might change owner as well.

Now BN confirm state govern is Johor, Melacca, N.Sembilan , Perlis, Sabah,Sarawak,Pahang,TERENGGANU

OPP is Kedah, Kelantan, P.Pinang, W.Persekutuan .

Every party also surprise to see this. OPP did't expect to see a huge change like this. Same to Ruling party as well .It just like a silent sea underdeath there is a big currenz of wavez is running in.

People in Malaysia is surfing the wave for changes. Taking risk of trying a new goverment and getting more people to supervisor the operation of parliment.

I have an wishlist to our new successfull party.
1)Better future for younger regretness of what race they are.
2)More visiable/transparent of govn workflow.
3)Lower living expense .
4)Reduce gap of poor and rich.
5)Peacefull malaysia.
6)No more corruption happen agains. More voice to the parliment.
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