Mar 22, 2008

Prepare for ITIL course

Before can go for the course , company have setup a rules that everyone who wanted to go for the course make attend an introduction session on what is ITIL /ITSM.

ITIL stand for Information Technology Infrastructure Library which is a concept n technique on how to manager IT operations n infra.

Overalll what i know is it is abt Service Support and Service delivery.

Service support is kind of service which focus on incident , problem ,configuration , change and release management.

Service delivery is abt Service Level , availability , continuty , capacity ad financial management.

What i know more is abt service support part where incident and problem management is focus more in the remote management center where else for configuration ,change and release management is coming from 'sending organization'** which deal direct with customer.

**Sending Org are those group which sub their work here for cost saving.

btw ITIL it is registered trademark of OGC

Will continous more on this
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