Mar 14, 2008

Pidgin <> Miranda <> AIM

Even though nowday memory n cpu is getting cheaper as a clever consumer we should alway seek a better solution instead.

Pidgin in Wiki way is A simplified language that develops as a means of communication between two or more groups that do not have a language in common, in situations such as trade.

But Pidgin in software is abt multichat client which similar like Miranda , AIM. Why bother to use it whereelse we can have multiple client install in our QuadCore , 2 Gg of ram pc ? yes yes yes.

but come to think of that , if we really serious in computing we alway have though to squzzz our the power of the PC to load in alot of staff. (of cause if pocket is dept enough$$$).

For person like me and others. We don't bother to have single chat platform for each and come to think of there if we have sametime, live, yahoo , msn , icq and other staff which will come in soon. How many of those program we need to install ?????

Will it be better to have 1 combine all of them . It just mean to communication - Communication is mean to pass message to other party and make sure they got it right.

I manage to try it out with yahoo , msn all log into it as for google i still having problem to do the connection.

here is the memory usage of pidgin. Look like a 3 in 1 package is still almost same size as msn,yahoo.
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