Mar 22, 2008

Mugen fit 2008 Honda Accord vs TRD Camry 2007

As soon as honda lunching this accord , their neighbors 'mugen' the small brother
already got insider news and lunch out a few bodykits, performance part.

In terms of wheels, Mugen offers a set of 18-inch 10-spoke (maybe lancer lover can replace their 18rim to this accord who know it more nicely then mugen)..hahaha

If Malaysia really is getting this car , i believe we are going to see more mugen 'replicat' around chancing our king of road (BMW 5 series).

Honda is really more in trend n sport , let's see what TRD have for Camry

**. anyone interest to know more abt TRD can click that link direct to PaulTan site
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